West Rock Safety is a joint venture combining the strengths of St. Louis Safety Management, Dynamic Safety Resources, and West Rock Energy Consultants. We were formed to augment the vast array of services provided by West Rock Energy Consultants.

With the accumulated experience of our associations, we have the innovation and expertise to properly manage resources. Our effective planning and execution of industry standards and implemented Safety Systems result in power benefits such as:

  • Improved employee morale resulting from Senior Management involvement,
  • Mitigation of legal liability, and
  • Increased profit potential.

We Presently serve a wide array of Clientele:

  • Oil and Gas
  • Petrochemical
  • Construction
  • Manufacturing
  • Environmental

Laurent St. Louis

Laurent St Louis, President & CEO

Laurent on LinkedIn

Laurent has over 30 years of petrochemical experience in Exploration, Construction Management and Field Engineering assignments both domestically and foreign. Throughout his post-secondary career Laurent has received a degree as a Project Management Professional and a degree in Hydrocarbon Engineering. His professional development also includes Second Class Stationary Engineering, Management Safety and Loss Prevention and recently is completing his Bachelor of Science in Health and Safety Management. Laurent was formerly a member of CAPP’s National Safety Leadership Team (NSLT) in the capacity of assistant chairperson.

His current endeavours under the AHRE Partnership Protocol have enabled him to develop COR/Safety manuals, implementation of safety programs, inspections, auditing and crisis management.

Laurent is fluent in English, French, and Spanish. Some key assignments being seconded internationally as a commissioning Engineer/Refinery/Construction manager. His career has flourished not only in Canada but also in many other countries around the world. Laurent managed construction and refinery projects for different company’s mega-projects in places such as India, Kazakhstan and Australia. He has also managed various in-house projects in Gabon, Cameron, Algeria, and Libya.

Laurent created a successful construction company. The purpose was to utilize project management guidelines with quality control for implementation and execution of repairs and alterations to pressure vessels and piping. Laurent eventually sold all his assets in the company allowing him to pursue a new and exciting endeavour.


  • Director Alberta Occupational Safety Auditor Association-AOSAA
  • Over 30 year’s petrochemical experience in Exploration, Construction Management and Field Engineering assignments both domestic and foreign.
  • Education includes PMP (Project Management Professional) and a degree in Hydrocarbon Engineering.
  • Professional development includes Second Class Stationary Engineering, Management Safety and Loss Prevention and BSM from University of Phoenix.
  • Former member of CAPP National Safety Leadership Team (NSLT).
  • Former Representative of Small Energy Producer of Canada -SEPAC
  • Seconded internationally as a commissioning Engineer / Refinery / Construction manager.
  • Has managed construction and refineries for mega-projects in India, Kazakhstan and Australia.
  • Has managed in-house project in Gabon, Cameron, Algeria and Libya.
  • Risk Surveys for Hazard Identification, Workplace Practices and Action Plans.
  • Certified External ENFORM Auditor, Alberta Safety Partnerships Association, and CAODC.
  • ISO 9000-2000, 18001, Training.
  • Development of Safety Programs for COR and ISO certifications and Emergency Response Planning.
  • Auditing of systems domestically and internationally.
  • Developing a staffing component for client projects.
  • Currently completing a Bachelor’s Degree (online) in Health and Safety Management.
  • Implementation of corporate level safety initiatives.

  • Rose Ward

    Rose Ward, Vice President Operations

    Over 12 years Health, Safety & Environmental Program Development Experience.

    Professional Development includes:

    • Planning,
    • Developing, and
    • Coordinating the health, safety and environmental occupational systems of personnel, materials, and equipment,
    • Providing strategic direction and leadership.
    • Highly effective written and verbal communications skills being utilized by people of various backgrounds, experience, and education levels.
    • Overall leadership in HSE Development, practices, procedures inclusive of maintaining and coordinating the Enform, ACSA, and AASP, COR Audit Protocols.
    • ISNet World Compliance, and RAVS implementation.
    • Monitoring of safety support for contracted clientele:
    • Daily Monitoring of HSE Registries and internal database sites.
    • Record keeping of accident incident investigation, shop and field inspections and compliance training and operations performance indicators relative to HSE (TRIF).
    • Knowledgeable in Safety Program Development within Oil & Gas Industry covering Producers, Construction, Drilling, Servicing, Abandonment & Reclamation, Environment, and Transportation.
    • Analyze Safety requirements to develop new Health and Safety programs or modify and improve existing programs.
    • Knowledge of relevant Government Legislative Codes, and Regulatory Agencies, and strategies to promote effective local, Provincial, Federal or International operations for the protection of people, data, property, and institutions.
    • Knowledge of business and management principles involved in strategic planning, resource allocation, leadership technique, production methods, and coordination of people and resources.